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All non-citizens of the United States are at risk of being placed in removal proceedings. There are a number of groups of individuals that are at a higher risk of being removed or referred to immigration court: Non-citizens with permanent or temporary status with a past arrest or conviction; Non-citizens with an old deportation order; and Undocumented Immigrants.


Cases in which individuals are placed in removal proceedings are incredibly difficult and require the attention of experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate immigration attorneys. We understand the gravity of these cases and we act to relieve the uncertainties of our clients and our clients’ families. We do this by explaining in great detail how the facts of the case interplay with the law, the possibilities of success, and providing thorough explanations of our legal strategy in addition to advising our clients as to their best course of action.

Every case that comes through our law firm is discussed amongst all of our attorneys in order to ensure that we are providing the best legal strategy for every individual. Don't wait until you have received an immigration hearing date, please contact us as soon as the possibility of removal arises.

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