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Adjustment of Status For Asylees

Individuals with an approved asylum application and their derivatives (Asylees) are able adjust their status to that of a Legal Permanent Resident one year after having been granted asylum.  


Eligibility for Adjustment of Status of Asylees is as follows:  


  1. The applicant must have been physically present in the United States for at least 1 year after being granted asylum.* 

  2. Principal applicant continues to meet the definition of a refugee, or the derivative asylee continues to be the spouse or child of the principal asylee.** 

  3. The Applicant has not firmly resettled in any foreign country. 

  4. The Applicant is admissible into the United States as an immigrant at the time of examination for adjustment of status. 


*Only time spent in the United States counts towards the one-year physical presence requirement. For a principal asylee, physical presence starts accruing on the date the U.S. government grants asylum. Derivative asylees who are physical present in the United States when the application is approved may use the date of approval. If the derivative was outside the United States when the application was approved, the derivative may use the date of admission to the United States as the start date. 


**The applicant had to demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution in order to be eligible for asylum status. The United States will likely deny adjustment of status and even move to terminate asylum status if there is evidence that the applicant may not have met the definition of a refugee at the time of the asylum approval. Therefore, an asylee must avoid traveling to the country they fled.  

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