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Joe Deniz Zaragoza
Legal Assistant

 Joe Deniz-Zaragoza was born in Indio, CA and raised in Thermal, CA to parents who had recently migrated to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico. In 2018 he graduated from La Sierra University with a double major in History/Pre-Law and minor in Spanish. During his undergraduate education he diligently worked and collaborated in a thesis where he exposed the true hardships, exploitations, and mistreatments that the undocumented community face daily. In 2018 he also embarked in a Law School journey where he hopes to complete his law degree and continue to help people. With an emphasis in immigration law, he hopes to one day be able to give the undocumented community a fighting chance to prosper in the United States. In his free and limited time, he enjoys traveling, trying new foods, watching movies, playing football and spending time with his family.

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