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VAWA stands for the Violence Against Women Act. However, contrary to its name, VAWA is gender neutral and is available to both male and females. You may be eligible to file for a VAWA Self-Petition if you are a non-citizen and are or have been a victim of extreme cruelty or battery by:


     ·Your U.S. Citizen Spouse or Former Spouse

     ·Your U.S. Citizen Parent

     ·Your U.S. Citizen Son or Daughter

     ·Your Lawful Permeant Resident (Green Card) Spouse or Former Spouse

     ·Your Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card) Parent


Under VAWA, immigrants who are victims of domestic violence, child abuse or even elder abuse can file a petition for lawful permanent residency without the cooperation of an abusive spouse, parent or adult child. It is important to note that one is able to file a VAWA application even if they are still married or living with their abuser as the victim can confidentially file the self-petition.


Once a VAWA application has been approved, an applicant is eligible to apply for employment authorization and is provided with deferred action and an approved immigrant petition which allows the individual to apply for lawful permanent residency. However, in some instances, VAWA self-petitioners may be eligible to apply for lawful permanent residency at the same time that they file their VAWA self-petition.

VAWA Cases are complicated and often require the help of knowledgeable professionals to obtain a successful outcome. At the Jurado Firm, we have the experience you need in handling VAWA Cases to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome in your VAWA case. Give us a call, our initial consultations are free of cost.

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