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212 (H) WAIVER

212(h) Waivers are for individuals who have criminal convictions and are therefore  “inadmissible” into the United States. A 212(h) Waiver provides a critical discretionary waiver of eligible crimes-based inadmissibility grounds, which include:


  • Crimes involving moral turpitude (“CIMT”)

  • Prostitution

  • Single offense of possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana

  • Convictions of 15 years older or more or if the conviction consists solely of prostitution, and the applicant has been rehabilitated

  • Applicants who are Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) self-petitioners


The Applicant must prove that a denial of admissibility would result in extreme hardship to the applicant’s U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse, children, or parent. Please keep in mind that 212(h) waivers are discretionary, which means that the USCIS officer reviewing the case has the power to decide whether or not to approve the 212(h) waiver.

212(h) Waivers are complicated and often require the help of knowledgeable professionals to obtain a successful outcome. At the Jurado Firm, we have the experience you need in handling 212(h) Waivers to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome in your 212(h) Waiver case. Give us a call, our initial consultations are free of cost.

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